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Akira Jean-Baptiste Hattori
Name Akira Jean-Baptiste Hattori
Hattori Jan Batisuto Akira
Gender Male
Age 33
Nationality Japanese
Professional Status
Occupation Editor
Known for One Piece
Super Dog Rilienthal
World Trigger

Akira Jean-Baptiste Hattori (服部ジャン=バティスト哲 Hattori Jan Batisuto Akira? ) was Daisuke Ashihara's first editor and worked with him until 2015. On June 23rd 2015, he revealed on the official twitter that he will no longer be acting as editor.[1] He also worked with Eiichirō Oda on One Piece.


  • His favorite World Trigger chapters are chapter 11 and chapter 14, as he considers them "a turning point" in World Trigger.
  • He appears as a character on the World Trigger website and other advertising media as PR Department Section Chief Akira Jean-Baptiste Hattori. He is in charge of (magazine and web) advertising, along with Sakurako Taketomi. [2]
  • The character Akira Hattori from Bakuman. is also named after him.