{{Infobox_character |name = Aoba Harukawa[1]

|image =

Aoba Harukawa

Chika's friend}}

|Romaji = Harukawa Aoba |kanji = 春川 青葉 |gender = Female |Species = Human |Hair Color = Brown |Eye Color = Teal |Status = Alive(presumed) |Manga = Chapter 13(Flashback) |Anime = Episode 6(Flashback) |Voice Jap = Shiori Mikami (Anime) |Age = 13(presumed) }} Aoba Harukawa (春川 青葉 Harukawa Aoba? ) is a character in the manga and anime series World Trigger. She is Chika's friend who was captured by neighbors.


She has shoulder-length hair parted in the middle and tied in two pigtails on the side of her head, are usually over her shoulders. She has teal eyes. She also has freckles on her cheeks and nasal bridge.


Aoba is a friendly girl, who believed Chika and promised she'd protect her.


  • Her name was revealed in the anime.


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