Border Member Official Enlistment Day
Border Enlistment
Location Headquarters
Date January 8
Damage Sustained/Casualties
Arc Border Enlistment Arc
Previous Yūichi Jin and Arashiyama Unit vs. HQ Top Teams
Next Second Large-Scale Invasion
Chapter(s) 33 - 37
Image Gallery

Background Edit

Yūma and Chika enlist in Border and train to be promoted to B-Class.

Summary Edit

Yūma, Chika and Osamu all go together to the Border Enlistment, which is held on January 8th every year. Yūma is sent to fight in mock battles and he defeats most of his opponents. Chika is sent for training with other C-ranked snipers. When her turn comes to shoot the target dummies she blasted a hole in the wall of the Border HQ with an Ibis. Later, Kazama challanges Osamu to a mock battle. The battle ends 0-23 and one tie, Kazama's victory.

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