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Long-distance battles are my favourites. With my trigger Chelidon, I can win any battle involving guns.

Lamvanein, [1]

Anime | Manga


Kanji 雷の羽
User Lamvanein
Organization NgBr Aftokrator
Type White trion Normal
- Shapeshifting
- Heavy Artillery Capabilities
- Flight Capabilities
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 54
Anime Episode 25

Chelidon (雷の羽(ケリードーン) Kerīdōn? , lit. Wings of Thunder) is an Enhanced Trigger from Aftokrator. Haruaki Azuma likens it to Border's Shooter Triggers.[citation needed]


Right after being activated, Chelidon takes the form of a large cannon-like weapon which attaches to the user's arm, and can also shape-shift to other forms as well.



Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

Lamvanein uses Chelidon to fight the B-Class union team. At first it overwhelm's Border's forces as its firepower is far greater than that of Border's Triggers.


Izumi Hound2

Lamvanein using his jet-pack.

Chelidon is focused heavily on shooting ability and heavy artillery. As Azuma told Izumi, this shooting trigger is at a higher level than Border's, being superior in range, power and muzzle velocity. This trigger can shape-shift into multiple ballistic configurations, like a powerful arm-mounted cannon, or it can use more simplified forms of long-range blasts, just like the triggers used by Border. It also comes equipped with various shields, similar to the ones used by Border but they are a lot stronger than Border's versions, his shields can even block a shot from Egret and being speculated to be even strong enough to stop blades (chapter 59 page 3), and it can even be used to form a jet back-like function. Despite all of its ballistic advantages, this trigger seems to have certain handicaps to it. Unlike the shooter-type triggers used by Border, it appears that this trigger's offensives and defenses cannot be used simultaneously, and it was also shown during Lamvanein's battle with the Border agents that this trigger cannot aim properly while in flight and he even stated that if he slowed down to aim better, he would become an easy target.


  • Chelidon is a Greek word. Chelidon (χελιδόνι chelidóni) is the Greek word for "swallow".



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