She excels at working steadily and laboriously. She is able to concentrate very well.[citation needed]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Other than her enormous amount of trion, she has a really admirable endurance. Besides, she is also patient and serious. Surprisingly, her body is also really flexible. All make her suitable for sniper position.[citation needed]


Chikas trion

Chika's immense trion Supply

Immense Trion Level: Chika has the largest trion capacity of any character introduced so far. Her trion is so massive that she regularly attracts Vanders that come to try to kidnap her and bring her to the Neighbor side. Her trion reserve is enough to shock Reiji Kizaki an A-Ranked Agent. Chika was able to fire her trigger rifle for many hours without noticeably depleting her trion. Reiji also stated that Chika is "super A-Rank" and she could be a "Ace" in no time. Her shot with an Ibis is powerful enough to destroy the target of a Colossal Neighbor dummy as well as burn the base's wall and a nearby building, shocking everyone there. The Border HQ walls were resilient enough to withstand a number of exploding Ilgar, yet Chika was able to blast a hole in the wall easily during training.[citation needed]

Her enormous trion capacity earned her the nicknames of "Tamakoma trion Monster" and "Super trion Monster" during the Second Full-Scale Invasion and the B-Rank Wars, respectively. Her trion power is allegedly at Black Trigger level. As a matter of fact, her trion amount caused an error in Aftokrator's gauge,[1] which can measure the trion output of Black Triggers. The Aftokrator humanoid invaders went so far as to alter their mission objectives to capture her immediately after witnessing her display of trion power, deeming her a potential next "god" of Aftokrator.[citation needed]
Amatori Cannon

The Amatori Cannon.

Although she only uses a normal Trigger, her regular sniper shots have been referred to as "Amatori Cannon" or "artillery" and are capable of severely damaging or even leveling structures such as bridges and houses. As such, each of her shots can alter the battlefield. She can theoretically use the trigger Scorpion as a formidable full body armor.[citation needed]

Due to Chika's immense trion level she's constantly being chased by trion soldiers who are attracted to her trion. Chika's trion level is so monstrous that she is the only character so far that possesses what appears to be two distinct Side Effects.[citation needed]

Side EffectEdit

Chika camouflage


Presence Concealment: Chika has the ability to conceal her presence so that she cannot be detected by trion warriors. She activates it by calming down and emptying her mind. This ability requires concentration, which can be broken if Chika is distracted.

Infer the location of Neighbors: With this ability, she can detect inbound Neighbors' locations and quickly rush to avoid or engage them. During the Large-Scale Invasion, she is shown to be able to sense humanoid Neighbors as well.


Chika Amatori's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Chika Arafune Bagworm
Classification: OP Optional
Border's Optional Trigger that renders the user invisible to Radar. It is of crucial importance to Snipers.

Type: White trion Normal Ibis
Chika Ibis
Classification: SN Sniper
Thanks to Chika's immense amount of trion,[2] Ibis's already high firepower is magnified to Black Trigger levels,[3] causing it to be compared to a cannon.[4] With this Trigger, Chika was able to shoot through HQ's trion wall[5] and obliterate a Rabbit.[6] Her beams are so devastating that a single one could destroy multiple trion bodies just by passing next to them.[7] Because of her psychological block, however, she only acts as support.[8] A single pull of the trigger can effortlessly erase whole areas of the map,[9] giving her unit the advantage of modifying the very topography of the battlefield.[10] This can be utilized to destroy strategically relevant structures,[11] remove environmental hazards,[12] and hiding spots for the enemy,[13] as well as to create chaos to assist her teammates.[14] Recently, Chika has started using Ibis to force opponents into Osamu's wire zones, as remaining out in the open will leave them vulnerable to her unstoppable Lead Bullet sniping.[15] Precisely due to her massive output, however, Chika's use of Ibis makes her position obvious.[16] Before her fear of harming others became common knowledge, the threat of her cannon fire was so great it considerably limited the options available to enemy teams.[17]

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Shield (Chika)
Classification: Defense Defense
Thanks to her immense trion capacity, Chika's Shield is extremely durable and capable of withstanding sustained Asteroid fire[18] as well as Eaglet shots despite not being focused.[19] Chika is also capable of casting it in front of her teammates to protect them.[20]

Type: White trion Normal Lightning
Chika black Lightning anime
Classification: SN Sniper
Chika's new main trigger. She uses it in conjunction with Lead Bullet, an idea conceived by Mirai Hatohara[21] and suggested to Chika by Yuzuru Ema as a way to get her used to shooting directly at the opponent.[22] This combination only works thanks to her massive trion capacity, which increases Lightning's muzzle velocity, as the amount of trion needed for Lead Bullet decreases bullet speed.[2] She first used it in chapter 119 (episode 72 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Lead Bullet

Chika Lightning

Black Hound

Chika Lead Bullet

Following Ema's advice, Chika added Lead Bullet to her Trigger set, becoming more of active piece in combat. By combining it with Lightning, which she uses to snipe at opponents from afar and hinder their movements to support her teammates. Despite the muzzle velocity reduction caused by Lead Bullet, the bullet speed is combat standard thanks to her trion capacity and Lightning's properties.[23] On top of allowing her to overcome her fear of harming others, Lead Bullet prevents Shields from stopping her bullets,[24] which is particularly useful with Lightning, as it can be blocked with a normal Shield.[25] The primary downside is that she cannot keep Bagworm active while firing, but her Ibis shots are still more noticeable, and it is better than shooting bullets that will miss.[24] Should an opponent get close to her, however, she can use Lead Bullet in yet another way that is unique to her, in conjunction with Hound. It has low speed and range,[26] but since it bypasses Shields and pursues the target,[27] it remains an exceptional defensive measure. Furthermore, due to the number of bullets, it cannot be easily avoided or blocked with a physical barrier.[28] The only way to counter it is to force her to activate her own Shield, since the combo requires her to utilize both the main and the sub.[29] These two techniques make Chika a fearsome opponent at all ranges. Chika also added Lead Bullet to Asteroid, with which she managed to maintain decent range and speed for up to 30 meters,[26] and Ibis, which creates massive weights upon contact.[30] However, the two combinations were rejected due to being impractical, the first because it left her too exposed,[26] the latter because the bullets were extremely slow.[31] Chika first used Lead Bullet in chapter 119 (episode 72 in the anime).
Type: White trion Normal Hound
Hound (Chika)
Classification: GU Shooter
Chika added Hound to her Trigger set in order to dissuade her enemies from engaging in close or mid-ranged combat with her. Due to her fear of hurting others, she combines it with Lead Bullet, which nonetheless is an effective tactic to neutralize the opponents who target her. Should she be unable to activate both Triggers, she can strike the ground between herself and the foe to raise a smokescreen and retreat.[32] She has been seen dividing her giant trion cube in 27,[33] 64[34] or 125[35] parts. She first used it in chapter 145.

Type: White trion Normal Eaglet
Chika Training Trigger
Classification: SN Sniper
Chika consistently uses Eaglet during sniping practice, although she has never utilized it in Rank Wars. Her skill however is quite high, as in at least one session, she managed to place within the top 20.[36] With her immense amount of trion, she can keep shooting it for more than 8 hours[37] while wearing Bagworm, and still have energy to spare.[38] It also increases her range.[2] She replaced Eaglet with Hound after starting to use Lead Bullet.

Anime Only
Type: White trion Normal Chameleon
Yuma Chika Chameleon
Classification: OP Optional
After Gieve captures Osamu, Chika and Yūma use Chameleon to infiltrate his hideout unnoticed. It is only used in episode 58.

Type: White trion Normal Meteor
Meteor (Chika)
Classification: GU Shooter
Under Usami's recommendation, Chika temporarily added Meteor to her Trigger set in order to eliminate enemies in hiding.[39] Due to her immense trion level, her meteor is capable of dealing enormous large-scale damage. In chapter 173, she destroyed half of a shopping mall in a single meteor and unintentionally gained her first kill of the B-Rank Battles. The massive destructive power of her Meteor also provides Tamakoma Second an advantage in intimidating opponents and forcing them to play defensive.[40]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[41] 38 2 5 3 6 8 1 1 64


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