Kanji 踊り手
Organization NgBr Galopoula
Type White trion Normal
- Telekinetic control of blades
- Combination of blades
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 127

Despinis (踊り手(デスピニス) Desupinisu? , lit. Dancer) is a Trigger from Galopoula.


When activated, Despinis is similar to a backpack with 16 fissures, eight on each side.[2] Each of these fissures holds a ring with a sphere in the center, which becomes larger when the ring leaves its holster.[2]


The origins of this Trigger are unknown.


The user can summon up to 16 blades,[2] which are controlled either telekinetically,[1] often with the aid of hand gestures.[3] The blades are very quick, can be moved with extreme accuracy, enough to deflect a projectile.[4] Furthermore, they allow the user to fight both at close and mid-range,[1] and their trajectory is difficult to read.[5] It is possible to combine multiple blades into a larger, faster one,[6] as well as to connect them to form a chain-like weapon, or lay them flat to serve as shields.[7] They are durable enough to clash with Border's Attacker Triggers without getting chipped or nicked.[8]

Ratarikov rarely used more than 8 blades at a time. However, it appears that if the trajectory easy to program, it is possible to manipulate all blades simultaneously, such as by making them converge on a target nearby.[3] A capable user can use Despinis to fight or keep in check multiple opponents.[9]

Users Edit

The only known user of this Trigger is Ratarikov.[1]


  • Despinis (Δεσποινίς, Despoinís) is the Greek word for "damsel".


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