User Xeno
Organization NgBrErgates
Type White trion Normal
- Launching capsulized Trion Warriors
- Releasing and Controlling Trion Warriors
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime Episode 49

An anime-exclusive trigger used by the residents of the errant nation of Ergates. This trigger was designed mainly to release and control specially designed trion warriors for combat. The actual name of this trigger has yet to be revealed.


a white wristwatch-like device on the wearer's arm; that transforms into his trion body, it also becomes a form of plated armor gauntlet which fully covers their arm, and then uses it to summon Trion Warriors by placing bullet-like shell objects in the gauntlet.

Background Edit

Abilities Edit

  • trion Body
  • Trion Warrior Capsules
  • Summoning Trion Warrior

When the user transforms into their trion body, this trigger transforms from a wristwatch-like device and becomes some sort of armor which fully covers the arm of the user. Main usage of this trigger is the releasing and controlling of various Trion Warriors. These Trion Warriors are sealed in special capsules that resembles bullet cartridges and are loaded into the launching mechanism. They are then released out of a specialized gate where they appear from. The Trion Warriors released and used can be brought back into their capsulized form to avoid destruction.

This trigger also has a specialized Black Trigger Model, which functions exactly the same as the original with the added bonus of enhancing the Trion Warriors summoned from it.

The following Trion Warriors have been summoned from this trigger:


Main Article: Arugda


Arugda (アルグダ? ) is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior with the ability to extract someone's trion without physically harming the target. It also has the ability to shoot beams at its target. It comes in various sizes.


Main Article: Pneura

Pneura (プネウラ? ) is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior that has cloaking and shielding abilities, similar to Border's Chameleon and Shield triggers. Its shape is similar to an octopus.


Main Article: Spilco


Spilco (スピルコ? ) is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior. It resembles a scorpion and can latch to a person's neck, as demonstrated when Xeno uses it to take Chika hostage. Xeno says it can kill her on his order, but it's currently unknown if his threats are real.


Main Article: Guries

Guries (グリエス? ) is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior that specializes in surveillance and scouting. They resemble small worms.


Main Article: Melissa


Melissa (メリサ? ) is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior that was created by Xeno which can create drones to attack its opponents using delayed pursuit system. It also has the ability to float off the ground.


Main Article: Nabis

Nabis is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior with squid-like appearance.


Main Article: Pergrande


Pergrande is an anime exclusive giant Trion Warrior created by Gieve. It specializes in bombing with estimated blast radius of 67 times bigger than Ilgar. It also has the ability to shoot multiple beams at its target.


Main Article: Raffilena

Raffilena is an anime exclusive flying Trion Warrior that can carry Arugda and drop them into the battlefield.


Main Article: Scare
Scare is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior. It has the ability to shoot using trion bullet, similar to a Shooter.


Main Article: Aleggie

Aleggie is an anime exclusive Trion Warrior. It has the ability to change its color and texture, blending itself to its surrounding.


Ergates' Trigger (Black Trigger Model)

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