Fūjin Users
Yūichi Jin
Jin Fuujin
Fūjin was Jin's main Trigger, created by Sōichi Mogami. He used it against HQ's top teams to defeat his adversaries. Being a powerful Trigger, Jin gave it up in a bargain with Masamune Kido to allow Yūma Kuga to become an official Border member. It is now given to compatible users on an "as-is" basis. Jin used the Trigger again during the Galopoula Invasion.

Sōya Kazama
Ryūji Saeki
Jun Arashiyama
Ai Kitora
Nozomi Kako
Shūji Miwa
Miwa Fuujin
Miwa uses it during the Second Large-Scale Invasion to defeat Hairein, but ultimately decides not to keep it and to stay with his unit.[1]

Takaaki Katagiri
Yukimaru Ichijō
Tatsuhito Ikoma
Takuma Yuba
Kō Murakami


  1. World Trigger Manga and Anime — Vol. 11 Chapter 92 (p. 9) and Episode 42.

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