First Large-Scale Invasion[1]
Neighbor Attack Event
First Large-Scale Invasion
Location Mikado City
Outcome Border agents stop the Trion Soldiers and build the border.
Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • 1.2 thousand people die,
400 still missing,
Arc Pre-Series
Previous Calvaria vs. Spinthir
Next Rad Infestation
Image Gallery

The First Large-Scale Invasion was an attack by Trion Soldiers in Mikado City 4.5 years before the start of the series. It killed over 1.2 thousand people, and over 400 people are still missing. [2]


Neighbor Attack Event (1)

The day Neighbors Invaded

The attack, known as The First Large-Scale Invasion was an attack by neighbors on Mikado City 4.5 years before the beginning of the series. The attack killed 1,200 and 400 went missing. But when the people lost hope, Border came and drove the Neighbors away.

The types of Trion Soldiers used in The First Large-Scale Invasion were Bamsters and Marmods. As seen in the opening recap of some episodes. Much of Mikado city was destroyed. A unknown organization called Border drove away the neighbors. These people include Jin, Kido and Konami.


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