{{Infobox character tabberimagetitle1=Anime|tabberimage1=Fuku Arashiyama (anime).png|tabberimagetitle2=Manga|tabberimage2=Fuku_Arashiyama.png |Romaji = Arashiyama Fuku |kanji = 嵐山 副 |gender = Male |Position = Student |Status = Alive |Relatives = Saho Arashiyama(sister)
Jun Arashiyama(brother) |Manga = Chapter 4 |Anime = Episode 3 |Voice Jap = Hisayoshi Suganuma |Voice Eng = Anthony Kim }} Fuku Arashiyama (嵐山(あらしやま) (ふく) Arashiyama Fuku? ) is a character in the anime and manga series World Trigger. He's Jun Arashiyama's younger brother.


Fuku has spiky brown hair and green eyes similar to that of his siblings.


Much of his personality has been unseen, but he showed embarassment when Arashiyama hugged him in relief that he and his sister were safe.



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