{{Infobox character |Romaji = Futatsugi

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|kanji = 二ツ木 |gender = Female |Age = 15 |Hair Color = Brown |Eye Color = Purple |Species = Human |Status = Alive |Manga = Chapter 1 |Anime = Episode 1 |Voice Jap = Yurie Kobori |Voice Eng = Rebecca Husain }} Futatsugi (二ツ木(ふたつぎ)? ) is a character in the anime and manga series World Trigger. She's one of Osamu and Yūma's classmates.


Futatsugi is a teenage girl of average height. She has shoulder-lenght brown hair, which is somewhat messy, and is curved-spiked in the back. She also has purple eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school's uniform, a dark blue blazer and dark blue necktie with white stripes over a white polo and a gray-blue skirt.


Futatsugi is a happy and excitable girl, who quickly befriends Yūma.




They seem to be good friends.


She seems to be creeped out by his obsession with Border, as she said the fact he memorized the names of all regular Border agents is creepy.[1]


They seem to get along.

Yūma KugaEdit

She quickly befriends him, especially after he scares away the bullies in the school's roof.[citation needed]

Osamu MikumoEdit

She has a great deal of respect for him.[citation needed]


  • "Futatsugi" (二ツ木(ふたつぎ)? ) literally means "two trees".
  • Her Japanese voice actress, Yurie Kobori, also voices Mira and Hikari Nire.



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