Galopoula 10 (ガロプラ⑩ Garopura 10? ) is chapter 131 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

Miwa and Yoneya manage to defeat Koskero with the help from Jin. Meanwhile, Karasuma and Kizaki activate their Triggers and effectively destroy most of the enemy's forces.

Long SummaryEdit

Yoneya attacks Koskero, and Koskero has slime come out of the wall and engulf Yoenya's left hand and foot, rendering them useless. Miwa decides that their best option is to fight without getting hit by the slime. Yoneya uses Senkū to collapse the ceiling above Koskero. Finding the inside of the house to be disadvantageous, Koskero brings the fight outside. Miwa then proceeds to ask him if Galopoula was responsible for the First Large-Scale Invasion, or another country of which he knew. Koskero uses the interval in which the question was asked to launch a sneak attack with slime he left in the house. He refuses to answer Miwa's question. However, he advises him to not engage in a conversation during battle. Miwa points out that the battle is actually over, so he didn't ask "during" the battle. Several slashes then cut through Koskero; revealed to be strikes by Jin's Fūjin. With Koskero down for the count, Miwa and Yoneya prepare to take him to HQ, where they will interrogate him. Jin asks Tsukimi to announce to everyone that the battle would be over in a few minutes.

Karasuma and Kizaki continue to fight the invading Idras. Karasuma notes that it was a good thing the Rank Battles weren't cancelled. Kizaki concurs, but points out that if the ship is destroyed, it would all be for nothing. Karasuma assures him that Border sent its best team (the top 4 Attackers) to defend it. Suwa orders the two to go at full force, so Karasuma and Kizaki activate their personal Triggers: Geist and Full Arms, respectively. They easily wipe out the onslaught of Idras heading their way. Reghindetz, frustrated by the outcome, decides to join the battle himself.


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