<navigation></navigation> Galopoula 7 (ガロプラ⑦ Garopura 7? ) is chapter 128 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

The fight between Border's top attackers with Gatlin and Ratarikov begins.

Long SummaryEdit

Gatlin shoots at the wall, on the other side of which lies the Expedition Ship. Murakami uses his Shield to take the brunt of the attack, but loses his arm in the process by a Dog. Ratarikov uses his Trigger, while Gatlin attempts to swipe at them while they are preoccupied. However, the attack fails and Konami uses Meteora on Gatlin. Tachikawa attempts to strike down Ratarikov, but Gatlin defends him, having been unharmed by Konami. He tries to pin Tachikawa down, but Konami cuts off his mechanical arm, much to his surprise. Gatlin decides that it would take about 15 minutes to finish the operation. Konami notices that the number of Dogs they were actually using is significantly less than the number that they seem to have, and Tachikawa deduces that it is easier to control them this way. Kazama decides to handle Ratarikov, while the other three attack Gatlin, and the Dogs would be dealt with after.

Meanwhile, Hyuse approaches the battlefield, hoping to get in contact with Galopoula's agents.


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