Introduction ArcEdit

In the anime, Arashiyama unit contacted her in their way to the Third Mikado City Junior High School.[1]

Black Trigger Capture ArcEdit

She first appears when Arashiyama asks her the best position for a Sniper, to which she complies. Tokieda is with her, as he had previously bailed out of battle.[2] They're then seen again when Arashiyama thanks everyone for their good work.[3]

B-Class Rank Battles ArcEdit

Arashiyama OR

At Arashiyama Unit's Operation Room.

Haruka greets Osamu

Haruka greets Osamu.

She reappears when Osamu goes to Arashiyama Unit's Operation Room to learn advanced shooting skills with Arashiyama. She greets Osamu when he enters and politely introduces herself, telling him Arashiyama will be there soon.[4] She is pleased by the dorayakis Osamu gave to her for Shiori. Tokieda then asks if he should make tea, but Kitora offers to do so instead.[5]

She listens closely when Arashiyama explains Osamu about the basics of Shooters and Gunners.[6] She then goes prepare the training room for Arashiyama when he calls out to her.[7]



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