Thanks to the experience he has gleaned, Murakami is currently the 4th highest ranked Attacker in Border. During the war he was able to hold off three Rabbits, which were said to be difficult for an A-rank member to handle if they were on their own, and managed to critically injure two of them. Due to his Side Effect, an opponent he has fought in the past will be at a great disadvantage against him. He uses the Raygust in his left hand mainly, but not only, for defense, and the Kogetsu in his right hand. He also seems to have an excellent reaction time, which, coupled with his high level of guard, allows him to defend from many sneak attacks. Regardless of his Side Effect, he is skilled at seeing through and countering his opponent's strategies, as seen when he did not fall in Kumagai's trap and learned to completely deflect Gatlin's cannon the second time it was fired.

Side EffectEdit

Enhanced Sleep Memory

He a has Side Sffect called "enhanced sleeping memory", which means he learns approximately 100% of what he has experienced by sleeping.

Due to this Side Effect, Murakami has learned and memorized the strategies and fighting styles of the high-class Border agents, and according to Tachikawa, their experience reside in his sword.


Kō Murakami's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Kogetsu
Murakami Kogetsu
Murakami is proficient at fighting with Kogetsu. He uses it in his right hand for offense, while holding Raygust in the other. Even though he wields Kogetsu with only one hand, his swordplay is very quick. He was able to shatter Kumagai's Shield with a single slash. He first uses it in chapter 44 (episode 22 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Raygust
Murakami Raygust
Murakami mainly uses Raygust for the high durability of its Shield Mode, but has also used it to attack combining it with Thruster. He first uses it in chapter 44 (episode 22 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Thruster
Murakami Thruster
Murakami is a versatile Raygust user. He primarily utilizes it in conjunction with Raygust in Shield Mode to ram the opponent, throwing them off balance and pushing them back.[1] He can also use it to launch the shield at his opponent as a mobile barrier[2] and propel himself to accelerate and change direction even in mid-air.[3] By using Raygust in Blade Mode, he can also activate Thruster to make his slashes faster and more powerful,[4] as well as to shoot the blade at a distant target.[5] Murakami first uses Thruster in chapter 99 (episode 45 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Ko Shield
Although he generally uses Raygust for defense, Murakami can create a concentrated Shield to block attacks that Raygust alone cannot stop.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[6] 7 9 10 7 9 2 5 3 52


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