She joined Border before Yūichi did.


Black Trigger Retrieval ArcEdit

Kirie Casual

"Who ate my Dorayaki?!"

Konami was first seen in Chapter 22, when she was making a ruckus because Shiori served her Dorayaki to the guests. Before mentoring Yūma, Konami refused to mentor anyone, but when Jin said it was an order from the boss, she had to accept that. She only accepted it with the condition that she'd train Yūma, because she hates weaklings and she knew Yūma was the strongest out of the three. She was irritated because Yūma didn't show her any respect.

Before battling Yūma

Kirie Defeated

Kirie after being defeated.

Yūma made a deal with her: if he could beat her, then she'd have to stop calling him a shrimp. Then she said that if she won, then he would have to show her some respect. The match's score was 9-1, Yūma only being able to beat her once. As a matter of result, Konami stopped calling him a shrimp, and he now had to respect her.

Border Enlistment ArcEdit

She does not appear in this arc, but Yūma thinks of her while requesting 10 battles with Midorikawa.

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

She, along with the rest of Tamakoma First is dispatched to Osamu's location by Shinoda. She helps fend off the Rabbits along with the rest of her unit. When Hus and Visa arrive, she fight Visa. While fighting Visa, she finds his Trigger to have a very dangerous feeling. After Karasuma and Osamu take the C-Class trainees flee, she and Kizaki prepare to fight the duo, but Visa sends Trion Warriors towards the civilian evacuation areas. Kizaki orders Konami to pursue them and eliminate them before they could hurt any civilians. She does so, with support from Arashiyama Unit and Kako Unit.

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