Within his unit, Tomoe seems to be in charge of swift pincer attacks while his captain and Teruya keep the enemy in place with their Gunner Triggers. Despite being a Gunner, he has shown aptitude also with Attacker Triggers. His equipment makes his fighting style similar to those of close-range All Rounders. Tomoe is a precocious talent, having being accepted into Border despite being an elementary student.[1] Kakizaki believes his skills to be higher than what Border's evaluation suggests.[2]


Kotarō Tomoe's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Kogetsu
Miura Kogetsu
Tomoe fights using the Kogetsu in close quarters combat. By handling it with one hand instead of two, he can quickly activate another Trigger and fight on multiple ranges.[3]

Type: White trion Normal Hound
Tomoe Hound
Tomoe fights using a handgun loaded with Hound bullets. Since it can be wielded with one hand, Tomoe can fire it while in melee by activating an Attacker Trigger.[3] Exploiting its homing bullets, Tomoe can also fire it at an opponent to force them to defend themselves, limiting their movements to subsequently attack them with another Trigger.[4]

Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Tomoe Bagworm
A default Trigger that prevents the user's position from appearing on the Radar.

Type: White trion Normal Shield

Tomoe Shield1

Multi Full Guard

Border's default Defense Trigger, which erects a mobile barrier in a location chosen by the user. Tomoe can use a focused version to defend against Snipers.[5] He is also able to activate Full Guard in front of a moving ally, protecting them as they prepare to attack. He can also combine it with those of other agents.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[6] 5 7 5 8 6 2 3 2 38


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