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Lamia (ラミア Ramia? ) is a new character introduced in the World Trigger: Fugitive Arc anime. She is the No. 1 scientist in Ergates and the creator of Lilith.


Lamia is a woman with black hair tied in a long and puffy ponytail and blue eyes. She wears glasses and is always seen wearing a white lab coat over a black dress with a thin red line shaped vaguely like a V. She also wears a light red lipstick.


Lamia is an ambitious woman dedicated to her work. She was interested in how Lilith would evolve due to her interactions with Xeno.[1] Also, according to what she said, she designed Lilith as a female in order to give her advantage in battle.[1]



  • Lamia (Λάμια Lámia) is a Greek name for a mythical monster in Greek mythology, with the body of a woman or with the head and breasts of a woman and the body of a snake, said to prey on human beings and suck the blood of children.
  • Her voice actress, Sakiko Tamagawa, also voices Charon.


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