Large Scale Invasion 9 (大規模侵攻⑨ Daikibo Shinkō 9? ) is chapter 59 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

Izumi, Yoneya, and Midorikawa engage in a fierce battle against Lamvanein. They scatter around the area and then attack him, with Midorikawa cutting off the Neighbor's leg.

Long SummaryEdit

Izumi, Yoneya, and Midorikawa prepare an attack against Lamvanein. They contact Azuma, Arafune, and Kunichika for information. Izumi then decides that the strategy would be separating and then attacking the enemy. He combines Meteora and Viper to create a new Trigger, Tomahawk. Izumi uses the hybrid Trigger to shoot at Lamvanein, while Midorikawa and Yoneya begin a melee accost. Through powerful attacks, he manages to isolate the three, and attacks Midorikawa while he is alone. Midorikawa cuts a fire extinguisher in order to create a smokescreen, and then cuts off Lamvanein's leg, stating, "The guys who think they can 'win' are full of openings."


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