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|Romaji = Mizunuma |kanji = 水沼 |gender = Female |Species = Human |Hair Color = Brown |Eye Color = Brown |Occupation = Teacher |Status = Alive |Relatives = Seiji Mizunuma (Father) |Manga = Chapter 1 |Anime = Episode 1 |Voice Jap = Umeka Shōji |Voice Eng = Kelly Sheridan }} Mizunuma (水沼(みずぬま)? ) is a character in the anime and manga series World Trigger. She's Osamu and Yūma's homeroom teacher.


Mizunuma is a young woman of average height and long brown hair.


She is usually very kind, and seems to be popular with her students.[2]


Introduction ArcEdit

She is Osamu's homeroom teacher, and introduces the class to Yūma. She later informs him that rings were not allowed. When the Mole Mods attacked the school, she had her class evacuate according to procedure.

Large-Scale Invasion ArcEdit

When the Trion Warriors begin pouring in, Osamu orders her to evacuate the students, to which she complies.


  • "Mizunuma" (水沼? ) literally translates to "water swamp".
  • Her Japanese voice actress, Umeka Shōji, also voices Yuu KunichikaItsuki Fujisawa and Yūko Kumagai.
  • Compared to her original design, Ashihara made sure that he made her cuter.[2]


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