On the official World Trigger Twitter, Ashihara answers questions from fanmail. After a while they are gathered into the manga volumes:

Volume 5 - Question Corner 1Edit

Q: Do Border agents get paid?
A: I might show it one day, but yes, agents do get paid. B-Rank agents get a fee per Trion soldier they defeat. A-Rank agents have a salary + fee per Trion soldier. C-Rank trainees do not get paid.

Q: Are there any requirements, like fitness tests, for applying to Border?
A: There are basic fitness tests, basic achievement tests and an interview. Other than having low Trion levels or a criminal record, you won't get rejected (Osamu was nearly rejected).

Q: Can the Trion gland be strengthened with training?
Q: Does Trion get replenished with time or sleep?
A: Just like lung capacity and muscle strength, it can be improved somewhat, and does recover with nutrition and rest.

Q: Why are all Border agents young?
A: The biggest reason is that the younger you are, the more your Trion gland can grow. Agents over age 20 whose growth has stopped often go into administration (like Sawamura).

Q: Do Border high schoolers go to the same school?
A: For better coordination of agent schedules, they often go to the same school, but they don't have to.

Q: Do Trion bodies feel pain from Trigger attacks?
A: There is a pain sensation that tells you what part of your body got damaged. This can be turned completely off.

Q: Can you use Trion to heal damage?
A: It is impossible to repair a Trion body. The combat body is basically disposable. Once destroyed, you need to create another one, which takes time and more Trion.

Volume 5 - Question Corner 2Edit

Q: How do you become an Operator?
A: Some apply for it from the beginning, and some change track from combatants.

Q: Can only girls become Operators?
A: Almost all Operators are female. They say this is because women have higher parallel processing capabilities. Men can be Operators too. On the other hand, almost all the engineers are male.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of members on a squad?
A: A team of five, with four combatants and one Operator is the limit. Any more and it goes over the Operators's data processing capability.

Q: Why do Osamu and Chika have different outfits? Do they have free rein?
A: Chika's outfit is the standard C-Rank female Sniper (up to junior high) uniform. Jin made the adjustments to Osamu's. That's why it has Tamakoma's shoulder epaulette.

Q: Why is Narasaka the bamboo guy in the mushroom family?
A: To avoid unneccesary bloodshed.

Q: Is Raijin-maru male or female?
A: Rainjin-maru looks female, but everyone at Tamakoma probably thinks Raijin-maru is male.

Q: Was Yuma eating a lunch made by Osamu in chapter 2?
A: He brought it himself.

Q: What's Osamu's eyesight?
A: Both eyes are 20/100.

Q: Does Osamu take his glasses off when he takes a bath?
A: Probably not. He may even wear them while he's asleep. Perpetual Glasses.

Volume 6 - Question Corner 3Edit

Q: Does Arashiyama have parents?
A: Yes. His dad is an office worker and his mom works part-time. He also lives with his grandmother, a brother and sister, and one dog.

Q: What kind of jobs does Torimaru have?
A: Delivering the newspaper, grocery cashier, waiter. There are rumors that more female customers come in on his shift days.

Q: How do you feel about Osamu sweating all the time?
A: Osamu breaking into a cold sweat is like ketchup on an omelet rice (his glasses are the eggs).

Q: Is there an age limit to applying to Border?
A: There isn't a strict age limit as long as you have Trion, but you're more likely to be hired the younger you are because the Trion gland can grow more.

Q: Can you teleport in rapid succession?
A: Distance = Trion consumed. Longer distances (over 300m) require a longer resting interval of several seconds. Short distances (2-3m) require 0.5 seconds or so.

Q: Is World Trigger abbreviated to "WorTri" or just "Trigger"?
A: My editor calls it "Trigger". My manager calls it "WorTri". My assistants and I never abbreviate it and call it "World Trigger".

Q: How far into the future can Jin see?
A: He can see several years into the future that's pretty certain (high probability of actualization). But he can't see very far into uncertain futures that might be tinkered with.

Q: Who has more Trion, Chika or Izumi?
A: Chika. Izumi is a prodigy, but Chika is a monster.

Q: Was Raijin-maru purchased at a pet shop?
A: Director Rindō brought him from somewhere. It's a mystery.

Q: Why is Kazama-san so short?
A: "Big power in a small package". That's Kazama-san.

Volume 7 - Question Corner 4Edit

Q: How are Trion body uniform designs decided?
A: There are several basic designs, and each squad adds their own embellishments. The jersey style is popular because it doesn't intimidate civilians. Some suits, like Kazama Squad's, have functional additions.

Q: Is Trion capacity inherited?
A: Sometimes, but not necessarily. For example, Chika's parents don't have high Trion.

Q: Do Operators go on away missions?
A: According to Usami in volume 3, they do. Border has portable computers that operate on Trion, enabling them to support agents without a power supply.

Q: How many A and B-Rank squads are there?
A: There are currently eight A-Rank Squads and 20 B-Rank Squads, but they are always in flux from the Rank Wars.

Q: What does Reiji like to cook?
A: A dish of stir-fried vegetables with meat, meat and more meat. It's become a staple at Tamakoma.

Q: How do newly-enlisted agents find mentors?
A: Firs,t you watch matches or videos of people who are good and study up. When you get to a certain level of competence, talk to them directly or get someone to introduce you. Or you can challenge them in individual matches.

Q: Has anyone risen to A-Rank without mentors (besides the initial members)?
A: Several. Like Izumi, Kikuchihara and Yoneya. You can get better without a mentor if you have good rivals.

Q: When Tachikawa destroyed the Ilgar, did he teleport or jump from the roof?
A: He probably used an optional Trigger called a Grasshopper. Midorikawa uses it in this volume.

Q: Do A-Rank high schoolers all go to the same school?
A: There are two schools affiliated with Border (one regular and one college prep). Kodera, Narasaka, Usami, Utagawa and Kikuchihara go to the college prep school. Most of the others go to a regular school. Some, like Konami (and Kitora), go to a private girls school.

Q: Where is the physical body while the Trion body is activated?
A: Stored where the Trion body was, inside the Trigger holder.

Volume 7 - Question Corner 5Edit

Q: Tell us more about the gun Trigger (a shotgun?) Suwa was using in chapter 45.
A: It's a shotgun that blasts a bunch of largish bullets. You can adjust the angle of the blast to some extent. Pro: high firepower. Con: slow reload.

Q: How drastically can the Scorpion change shape? Can you wrap it around your whole body?
A: The shape can change a good bit. How much it can expand depends on your Trion levels, but the wider it is spread, the weaker it becomes. It would be as fragile as glass if you put it around your body. Chika might be able to pull it off.

Q: Tell us more wacky anecdotes about Tachikawa, who's bad at everything non-combat.

  • He pronounced the English "danger' like "dang-ah".
  • He thought an unplugged computer was broken.
  • He picked out the dried fruit from granola and threw the rest away.

Q: Why are Osamu’s glasses frames under-rim style?
A: He picked it up from his father (who's still alive, by the way).

Q: IWhen do people start to call their seniors "Mr./Mrs./Miss"?
A: People older than high school and college start to get called "Mr./Mrs./Miss". So when Osamo doesn't add "Mr." to Kazama...

Q: The round parts of Kazama Squad's uniform react when they activate Chameleon. What're they doing?
A: The uniform is embedded with a mechanism that reduces the Chameleon's Trion consumption. But it increases the cost of the combat body.

Q: Is Utagawa-kun an Attacker or All-Rounder?
A: The first editions of the graphic novels (in Japan) have it wrong. He's an All-Rounder.

Q: Can you not put away the Kogetsu only while it's selected, or the whole time the Trigger is on?
A: Once the Kogetsu is selected, it is always out. It disappears in the art sometimes, but that's just me forgetting to draw it.

Volume 8 - Question Corner 6Edit

Q: How heavy is one of Miwa's lead bullets?
A: About 100kg (220lb). Yuma's Anchor is about twice that.

Q: What is the relationship between Tsukimi and Tachikawa? (Tachikawa's birthday comes earlier so he's older, isn't he)?
A: Tsukimi is Tachikawa's childhood friend and mentor when it comes to strategy. It goes Azuma, Tsukimi (and many other pupils) and then Tachikawa.

Q: The Trion body wears a Border uniform when the Trigger is activated, but are the Trion bodies automatically made wearing a uniform?
A: The clothing upon Trigger activation can be an outfit specifically chosen by the Agent or can just be the default outfit. You can register multiple outfits of your own choosing.

Q: When Yuma's wounds healed after he was struck by a car, does that mean that his Trion body repaired itself?
A: Yes. Yuma's regular body is less durable than his combat body, but it has a repair function. A regular combat body wouldn't be damaged in a car crash.

Q: Do Sniper rifles only stay out in gun form, or can they be put away at will? Can one be carried around as a smaller version?
A: Once guns are out, they stay out. If you "put it away", another gun's worth of Trion must be used to take it out again.

Q: Can All-Rounders snipe too?
A: Not really. An All-Rounder is good at close and mid-range combat. The only perfect All-Rounder who can also snipe is Reiji.

Q: is it important for Snipers to have good eyesight?
A: Eyesight is perfected for the combat body, so it doesn't matter. People with glasses keep them because the glasses are tied to their identity.

Q: Is Satori's double-barreled sniping technique highly advanced? Did he need to practice it, or was it his natural talent?
A: He practiced. Satori pursued firepower and awesomeness to perfect it. But nobody's going to imitate him.

Volume 8 - Question Corner 7Edit

Q: Does Konami's battle mode have short hair to conserve Trion?
A: It's most likely so her hair doesn't get in the way during a battle. It's her old hairstyle.

Q: Tokieda lists cats as one of his likes, but odes he have any at home?
A: He has two. Arthur, a brown tabby, and a black and white cat named Tomio.

Q: Why does Yōtarō wear a helmet?
A: Because he's akwats in battle mode. Reiji made it for him.

Q: Who is the main character, Yūma or Osamu?
A: Either one. I personally consider the four people I drew on the first title page as the main characters.

Q: If you were to eat Bonchi fried rice crackers in Jin's room without asking him, would he get mad at you?
A: You would start to get shipments of Bonchi fried rice crackers sent to your room.

Q: Do gates open only in Mikado City or do they also open elsewhere?
A: They open around the world and people secretly get kidnapped. But since a big one opened in Mikado, the world thinks that they only open in Mikado.

Q: Why is Tachikawa affiliated with Kido when Shinoda taught him how to use a sword?
A: The Kido faction prioritizes away missions, and the Shinoda faction prioritizes defense. Tachikawa is interested in away missions It's not because he disagrees with Shinoda.

Q: Do awat missions agents try to avoid detection?
A: They sneak in to get Trigger technology through trades or negotiations. If a country is in the middle of a war, they will fight off Attackers and take their triggers.

Q: Konami and Arashiyama are related. Did they join around the same time?
A: Konami joined much earlier. Konami has been around since the old Border, and Arashiyama joined after the current base was built.

Q: Does Kikuchihara actually like anything?
A: Friends and colleagues.

Volume 9 - Question Corner 8Edit

Q: Rinji-san was Osamu’s mentor, right? So shouldn't Osamu show more respect towards Rinji's sister Chika?
A: Osamu doesn't act that way towards Chika because he's insensitive. Both Rinji and Chika herself allow him to be informal with her.

Q: Does the new Three Idiots team have any other formations besides Bird?
A: They currently have ten formations including Dragon, Snake and Horse. Nine of them are "everyone attack at once" and one is "everyone run for your lives".

Q: After an agent returns to their normal body, do they have to rebuild the Trion body like they do after they bail out?
A: When an Agent returns to their normal body on their own, their Trion body is "put away". They can decide to use the same Trion body next time, but the damage to the body won't be repaired.

Q: Are the wires used in Reiji's traps are the same as the ones Kitora uses? Is the box used inside the trap a Meteor?
A: It's a Trigger called Spider and it's the same as Kitora's. It can do various things depending on which Trigger it's combined with. The box used in the trap was a Meteor (in 27 pieces).

Q: Izumi synthesized a Tomahawk by combining a Viper and a Meteor. Can he do that because he's a genius or could Osamu do it too with practice?
A: It's possible to do it with practice, but it would take some time. If Osamu tried to shoot a Tomahawk now, it would take him a whole minute to prepare. It only takes Izumi two seconds.

Q: How far can an agent deploy a remote shield like the ones used in the battle with Ranbanein?
A: It depends on individual ability, but they should be able to deploy a Shield up to 25 meters away. This remote defense is one of the reasons that Shield is superior to the shield on the Raygust.

Q: Do only A-Rank squads have their own emblems?
A: Once a squad makes A-Rank they can make their own emblem. Even if they are eventually demoted to B-Rank, they can continue to use their emblem until the squad disbands.

Q: Can you transform without saying "Trigger on" out loud?
A: If you are touching the Trigger holder and give a clear signal, you can be silent or use a different word. You can even have your own unique transformation phrase.

Volume 10 - Question Corner 9Edit

Q: Please tell us if there are any characters who are living in Tamakoma branch.
A: Branch Manager Rindō, Yōtarō, Jin, and Reiji-san live there, but rooms are provided for everyone and people like Konami or Usami frequently stay over. There are plans to provide rooms for Osamu, Yuuma, and Chika too.

Q: During the battle versus Lamvanein, Okudera-kun used Fullguard; does that mean you can use other triggers if you just put the Kogetsu in a sheath without deactivating it?
A: Even without putting it in a sheath you can turn the Kogetsu OFF, but the sharpness will become zero. You won’t be able to use it and you can’t deactivate it either so it’s a big hindrance. Deactivating the Kogetsu and then remaking one later when you need it again will mean it’s not a hindrance, but it will use up trion. It is the same as gun type triggers.

Q: Do trion organs decay with age?
A: It seems it slowly decays if it is not used. Using it maintains it to a certain extent.

Q: What is Osamu’s favourite out of his mother’s home-made dishes?
A: Cream croquettes. Even the white sauce is hand-made.

Q: Are all the agents from Mikado City?
A: Generally they are, but scouting occurs in other prefectures too so there are a small number from other regions.

Q: What is it called when shooters produce trion in cube form?
A: Trion cube, nata de coco (fermented coconut cubes), sugar cube, Suwa, tofu, etc. Everyone calls it whatever they want.

Q: While Chameleon is in use, can Hound bullets track you? And do you show up on Radar?
A: Hound bullets that use ‘Sensor Guidance’ can, but usually they are intercepted by walls and so on. Even during Stealth Mode, you still show up on Radar, so it’s possible to use that to make a rough counter-attack.

Q: Yūma’s C-rank uniform is black; was this also specially arranged by Jin-san?
A: It seems to be something that Yūma’s father, Yūgo, had configured a long time ago. It is a remnant from the times of Old Border.

Q: Why is Suwa-san smoking even though he’s in a trion body?
A: It’s to show off. Since there have been no depictions of ashtrays, there is also the possibility that it might not actually be a cigarette.

Volume 10 - Q&A from Jump Festa 2015Edit

Q: Can Replica eat food??
A: He cannot gain nutrition from food, but as a poison taster he can eat it. Good for survival.

Q: What’s the reason behind Jin-san’s sunglasses not slipping?
A: It’s connected at the back.

Q: Can Replica sleep?
A: He doesn’t need to sleep to recharge, but he does have a ‘sleep mode’-like feature. To stay out of the way when he isn’t needed, he is on standby (sleep mode) in the ring.

Q: Out of the current characters, who is about as strong as Yūgo?
A: Yūgo was as strong as the current Shinoda-san. Four years ago, Yūgo would have been stronger, but Shinoda-san trained every day and caught up.

Volume 13 - Question Corner 10 Edit

Q: In the end, did Satori have to face any penalties after Chika blew a hole in the wall of HQ with that Ibis?
A: It seems that, due to Azuma-san and Arashiyama covering for him, he got away with just a chop from Kinuta-san.

Q: What is the difference between ‘turning off Kogetsu and then recreating it’ and ‘putting away Scorpion and taking it out again’?
A: ‘Putting away Scorpion’ is similar to ‘putting Kogetsu back in its scabbard’. They’re both out of the way, but Scorpion is less of a burden. ‘Turning off Kogetsu’ means to destroy both the scabbard with the blade.

Q: What distance is the limit for a sniper trigger to hit its mark?
A: If it’s an unmoving target, someone who is good at premise sniping like Narasaka or Hanzaki can hit the mark from 1km away with an Egret. An Ibis or Lightning’s range will be shorter.

Q: Even though Yūma doesn't need to sleep since gaining a Trion body (chapter 94), does he get hungry?
A: I believe that Yūma needs to eat food to send nutrients to his near-death body, so he eats more than others.

Q: Does normal trion body users also not need to sleep but need to eat?
A: Trion body users need rest just like usual. This is because the brain and nerves get fatigued, and because the trion organ does not recuperate while using a trion body.

Q: Does Raygust’s shield mode fit in one trigger?
A: Shield mode is not an option but one of Raygust’s standard functions. As such it does not use a trigger slot.   

Q: Are there any differences in the amount of time it takes a person to recreate a trion body?
A: The more trion a person has (= the more trion that gets used in battle) the bigger the cost of constructing a combat body, so recreating it will take more time. Chika takes a lot of time but Osamu can return to battle fairly quickly (in about 1~2 hours time).

Q: What do Border Agents do on their days off when they’re not on duty and there’s no school?
A: Polishing their skills in solo rank battles, studying the recordings, immersing in hobbies, feeling sad, falling asleep, thinking about what to buy with their wages, being swamped with homework, playing around, dancing with joy, visiting grave sites, or thinking about the person they like.

Volume 18 - Question Corner 11 Edit

Q: C-rank members are only supposed to have one weapon trigger, but why did Chika train with a bagworm on at Tamakoma?
A:That was a Tamakoma trigger that Reiji-san provided to drive the foundations of sniping into her. It is set with the three types of sniper rifles and bagworm.

Q: Are there any branches besides Tamakoma and Suzunari?
A: Border has 6 branches: Tamakoma, Suzunari, Wataayu, Yumite District, Hayanuma, and Kuma. Its personnel are mostly those who prioritise work or school and don’t aim for A-class (they do not participate in the twice a week Rank Battles). The branches are placed on the outer edge of the Danger Zone. Other than Tamakoma, the branches function as a point of contact for local residents.

Q: How is an all-rounder defined?
A: An all-rounder is ‘an agent who has earned more than 6000 solo points in both Attacker and Gunner triggers respectively’. Right now Border’s overall level is on the rise and there are those who say it should be raised to above 8000.

Q: How do you think of names for the characters?
A: Surnames are just ones that fit, roll off the tongue easily, and isn’t too unique. First names are chosen by thinking about the parents that would be picking the names for these people.

Q: Can’t you train your trion organ in Virtual Combat Mode?
A: You can’t. You can only train your reflexes and increase combat experience in virtual mode. Trion organs can only be trained through using trion.

Q: What is the difference between Shield, Raygust (shield version), and Escudo?
A: Shield: Can change shape. Durability changes according to the size of the surface area. Moving it lowers the durability.
Raygust: Can change shape. Durability changes a little according to the size of the surface area. Even if you wave it around in your hand the durability will not change.
Escudo: Cannot change shape. Cannot be moved. High durability. Needs a place (such as a wall or floor) to grow out of.

Q: Can Escudo defend from Lead Bullets?
A: Escudo converts trion into a material form, so it can. It is treated the same as blocking Lead Bullets with walls or buildings.

From Twitter - April 2014Edit

Q: If you become B-rank or A-rank do you have to join units? (I want to read about the stories behind all the units’ formations)
A: To participate in rank battles, at the very least you need one combatant and one operator. Naturally, it’s more advantageous to have more members, so a unit with few members is quite a thorny path in comparison.

From Twitter - January 2015Edit

Q: When enemies show up on radar, is it possible to use that to snipe?
A: Compass points are displayed on radar, but not elevation, so it seems impossible. Combined with the topography data that operators have, it is possible to grasp the approximate location of the mark, but it would be hard to pinpoint a human-sized opponent this way.

From Twitter - February 2015Edit

Q: Are radars and wires option triggers?
A: ‘Radar’ is a standard equipment trigger like trion bodies or the bailout function. ‘Spider’, a trigger that uses wires, is an option trigger.

Q: Is Kunichika from Hokkaido? (trans: a reference to the fact that her favourite food is ishigari nabe/salmon hotpot, a traditional Hokkaido dish)
A: Her mother is. Her parents would send salmon hotpot sets, sea urchins, crabs, salmon roe and so on to them. Everyone eats them together.

From Twitter - August 2015Edit

Q: Why does Arashiyama and his siblings have ‘second position’ type names?
A: The person who named them, Arashiyama’s grandfather, apparently had something in mind when he chose them, but since he has passed away nobody knows for sure. The three of them seem pretty happy with it.   

Q: How many Mini-Replicas can be released at a time?
A: If the functions are limited to conversation and transmitting over the comms he can probably release about 200 of them

From Twitter - September 2015 Edit

Q: While you are in your trion body, where is the trigger holder that houses your flesh body?
A: In another dimension (a dimension on the Neighbourhood side) an independent space has been set aside for the trigger holder to be stored.