That's Miwa and Izumi. Tōma's wearing Bagworm so we can't tell.

Ken Satori using Radar, in Arashiyama Unit 4.[1]

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Kanji レーダー
Organization BrDr Border
NgBr Aftokrator(unnamed)
NgBr Galopoula(unnamed)
Type White trion Normal
Classification Standard Equipment(Border)
- Detects position of trion bodies
- Precision can be increased
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 30
Anime Episode 15

Radar (レーダー Rēdā? , lit. "Radar") is a Standard Equipment Trigger[3] used by all A and B-Rank Border agents. As such, it does not occupy a Trigger slot, although Asumi Amakura has an enhanced model that does.[4] Operators' terminals are constantly set to detect trion signatures, superimposing them on a map of the area.[5] The same applies to soldiers from Neighbor countries with a similar role.[6]

Soldiers from Galopoula have their own version.[7] Aftokrator warriors are also equipped with a holographic projector which, among others, has a function very similar to Radar's,[8] although it is unconfirmed whether or not it is a Trigger.


Radar is projected by Border agents as a circular hologram resembling the display of a military radar.[9] Trion bodies appear as dots that leave a trail as they move.[1] On the Operator's monitor also appears a bidimensional map of the area.[5] Trion bodies are indicated as triangles and they can be tagged so as to be easily identified.[5]

Aftokrator's version is overall similar to Border's, but with a grid instead of a C-scope.[8] It is projected by a small, round device resembling an earring.[8]

Galopoula's model is square in shape and larger than Border's.[7] Humans in trion bodies and the various types of Trion Warriors have each their own distinctive marker.[7]

Overview Edit

It is unknown when Border developed Radar. Since Aftokrator and Galopoula have their own versions, it is possible Border copied their technology, as Triggers originally belonged to Neighbours. It should however be noted that Aftokrator soldiers do not seem to possess a radar Trigger while in a trion body.


Radar and similar Triggers detect the signatures left by trion bodies, allowing the user to know the exact position and movements of any Trigger user within range.[9] The exact mechanics are unknown, but if they function similarly to Echo, they scan the surroundings by emitting faint waves of trion.[10] On Radar, compass points are also displayed.[11] It consumes trion during use.[12] Its precision can be enhanced in return for an increase in trion consumption.[12] It is generally used by the team member with the most trion.[12]

Radar is able to detect agents hiding with Chameleon,[13] but not those utilizing Bagworm[1] or other stealth Triggers designed precisely to hide the user's trion signature.[14] During the "Radar Search Drill", Snipers train to spot and shoot a target as soon as it shows up on Radar.[15] For the purposes of the exercise, their Radars are endowed with a function that informs the Sniper of the general elevation of the target.[16] However, it is normally impossible to score a good hit against an enemy using Radar alone, as the elevation of the target is unknown.[11]

Aftokrator's version seems to cover a very wide area, and Hyuse was able to correctly identify the type of Trion Warrior in use just by looking at it.[8] The device that projects it also has other functions and, thanks to its size, it can be easily hidden.[17]

The radar Trigger used by Galopoula soldiers appears to be much more advanced than the other two. On top of including a simplified map of the area and having diferent markers for Trigger users and multiple types of Trion Warrior, it is capable of bypassing Bagworm's cloaking effect, rendering it useless.[7] Furthermore, it has been shown to display the trajectory of bullets (including their length, making it possible to tell Sniper and Gunner Triggers apart) as well as arrows pointing towards the direction groups of enemies are moving.[7] It is unknown if this Trigger consumes a token.


As a Standard Equipment Trigger, Radar is included in the Trigger sets of all A and B-Rank agents, for a total of approximately 130 users.[18] Hyuse and Reghindetz are the only known users of the Aftokrator[8] and the Galopoula[7] versions, respectively.


  • This Trigger is based on real-life radars.
  • Radar is similar in functions to one of the seals of Yūma Kuga's Black Trigger, Echo, although it seems to provide less information.[10]
  • In chapter 124, Hyuse commented on the amount of Idras sent by Rodochroun, despite his holographic projector showing only dots.[8] An explanation would be that he was able to recognize the Trion Warriors due to their movements.
  • The exact purpose of this Trigger is unclear, since the radar available to Operators is much more detailed. It is possible that Radar allows agents to expand its area of effect, which Operators may not be able to do, and/or that it is what allows Operators to receive topographical data in the first place.


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