Raymond (ライモンド Raimondo? ) is a Neighbor from Calvaria, and an old friend of Yūgo Kuga.


He is seen during Yūma's flashback of the Calvaria vs. Spinthir war. He leads the defence of Calvaria, and commends Yūgo on his contributions to the war. Later, after Yūgo's death, he tells Yūma to do what he wants, and Yūma decides to finish what he and his father started.


  • Like with other Calvaria citizens, Raymond is named after a character from the manga and anime series Doraemon. In his case, his name is an anagram of the name of the titular character (ドラえもん) with an I kana instead of E.
  • Ashihara stated that he got the same vibe from Raymond as he does from Shinoda.[1]


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