Rodochroun (ロドクルーン Rodokrūn? ) is a country in the Neighborhood. It is a vassal state of Aftokrator, and is predicted to come near Earth sometime in the near future.

Rodochroun (anime)

Plot Edit

B-Class Rank Battles Arc Edit

Rodochroun and Galopoula are mentioned as Aftokrator vassals that will be near Earth at some point in the near future, but will possibly invade through non-combative means since Jin did not predict any casualties. Later, it is revealed that it will participate in the upcoming invasion, but through Trion Warriors as they were unable to send out any Trigger Users.

Trion WarriorsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Rodochroun (ροδόχρουν, rodóchroun) is the Greek word for "pinkishness".

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