A lightweight blade speed-oriented Attackers use often: Scorpion.

Shiori Usami about Scorpion, in Arashiyama Unit 2.

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Standard Scorpion

Kanji スコーピオン
Creator Yūichi Jin
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal
Classification Scorpion icon Attacker
- Shape-shifting blade
- Can be manifested anywhere
- Light weight
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 6
Anime Episode 3

Offensive Power A
Durability D
Lightness A
Type Surprise

Scorpion (スコーピオン Sukōpion? ) is a Trigger developed for Attackers. It was created by Yūichi Jin to be Kogetsu's rival.


Scorpion is a bright yellow edged weapon that appears as a dagger of sorts. It can be shapeshifted at will. There are many variants in its default shape: Jin and Kuga use a single-edged Scorpion, which is the standard form, the members of Kazama Unit wield Scorpions with a hollowed-out blade and Ai Kitora owns a customized version with a blade at both ends of the handle.


Of the three Attacker Triggers currently available to all Border agents, Scorpion was the second to be created. It was developed by Jin together with Border's engineers when he realized he would not be able to win against Tachikawa with Kogetsu.[1] Later on, Kazama Unit and Kitora requested the engineers to modify their Scorpions.


Scorpion has an offensive power comparable to Kogetsu's, but it has much lower durability, which causes it to crack at the first impact with the latter[2] and break if used to defend multiple times. For this reason, it is a weapon almost exclusively reserved for offense.[3] Nonetheless, it is not easily damaged by Gunner Triggers.[4] Thrusts with Scorpion can be blocked by a focused Shield.[5]

One of Scorpion's main advantages over other Attacker Triggers is its lightness.[6] Since it weighs almost nothing,[3] it is often dual wielded, or it leaves the user a free hand to activate other Triggers. Should the user lose an arm, their attack speed will not suffer any backlash,[7] also thanks to Scorpion's ability to be materialized from any part of the body,[3] rendering the user extremely unpredictable[8] and allowing them to strike from any position[9] and in any condition.[10] When not needed, it can be hidden inside their body without it hindering their movements.[11]

Kazama Scorpion2

Kazama drawing a second Scorpion from his wrist.

Furthermore, the shape and size of Scorpion can be freely altered by the user,[3] according to their skills and trion levels,[12] which makes it a tactical and versatile Trigger. Users have exploited this capacity to prevent an opponent from retrieving their weapon,[13] replace missing limbs,[14] sprout extra blades[15] and defend targeted areas of their body.[16] Yūma Kuga, who is renowned for his creativity,[17] has shaped Scorpion like fins to control his movements in strong currents[18] and to bandage a grievous wound in order to stop the initial trion leakage.[19] By combining two Scorpions into a single blade, it is possible to launch quick, mid-ranged attacks[20] that can weave their way through the target's defenses.[21] Although it would be theoretically possible to wrap Scorpion around one's whole body,[12] since its durability is inversely proportional to its total surface area,[6] only someone with an extraordinary amount of trion might be able to use this technique effectively, without Scorpion becoming as fragile as glass.[12]

  • Standard model
  • Kazama Unit model
  • Customized model
At close quarters, it is possible to launch one's Scorpion(s) to inflict a critical amount of damage to a vulnerable opponent, such as one who has lost their balance.[22] However, as soon as it leaves the user's hand, Scorpion loses its ability to shapeshift.[23]

Different Scorpion models have slightly different abilities. The standard version stresses balance, whereas the one utilized by Kazama Unit is even more attack-oriented and focuses on quickly extending its reach. Kitora's customized version has been modded with a function that allows it to spin around the grip like a windmill.[24]


Name Description
Moiytvhkftdhgvm,klhkg Mole Claw (もぐら爪(モールクロー) Mōrukurō? ) The user produces a blade under their foot and drives it into a surface, then changes its shape to make it come out at the desired location for a surprise attack.[13] Kazama is a notable user.[25]
Leg bladebhg Leg Blade ((あし)ブレード Ashi Burēdo? ) The user covers or replaces a portion of their leg with Scorpion, turning it into a blade.[26] It was first used by Kitora to replace her missing leg.[14]
Branched Blade Branch Blade (枝刃(ブランチブレード) Buranchi Burēdo? ) The user splits Scorpion in multiple blades inside their body and sprouts them from different locations.[25]
Kageura Scorpion Mantis (マンティス Mantisu? ) The user combines two Scorpions together to perform a fast mid-ranged attack. This technique was thought up by Kageura.[20]


See also: Scorpion Users

Scorpion is known to be favored by speedy Attackers,[27] and All-Rounders often choose it as their secondary weapon.[6] Currently, there are 16 known official agents with at least one Scorpion in their Trigger set.[28] The list excludes those members of branches who do not participate in Rank Battles.[29] Hyuse has used it briefly during the Galopoula incursion.[30] The Scorpion user with the most Solo Usage Points is Sōya Kazama, the no. 2 Attacker and no. 3 solo combatant. Yūma Kuga and Yūichi Jin also deserve to be mentioned. Yōsuke Yoneya is a notable former user.[31]


  • The two modded versions of this Trigger appeared before the default model.
  • One of the training Trigger sets at Tamakoma Branch contains a Scorpion model similar to the one wielded by the members of Kazama Unit.[32]
  • The Scorpion icon from the databook is based on the Kazama Unit model.


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