Places a marker on a location previously hit by a bullet. Effective in stealth combat.

Starmaker's description, in Large-Scale Invasion 18.[1]


Starmaker anime


Kanji スタアメーカー
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal
Classification Optional Optional (Gunner/Shooter)
- Places a marker on the area of impact
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 71
Anime Episode 32

Starmaker (スタアメーカー Sutāmēkā? ) is an Optional Trigger for Gunners and Shooters.


Starmaker is not visible until applied to a target through a bullet. Once activated, Starmaker looks like stylized, purple crosshairs with a white circle at the center.[2]


The origins of this Trigger are unknown.


Starmaker can be used in conjunction with Gunner Triggers. When a target is hit, Starmaker will cause a marker to appear in the area of impact.[3] The target will keep showing up on Radar even if they activate Bagworm, and the marker will remain visible if they use Chameleon[4] Hence, the primary function of this Trigger is to enable and counter stealth combat, allowing the user and their teammates to always know the location of the target.[1] It is also an excellent counter to Vorvoros and similar Triggers that make the enemy vulnerable only in a specific area, especially since the marker can be seen through non-transparent objects like trion bodies.[5] providing information not only on the general location of the target, but also on the exact position of the marker in three dimensions.[6]

Starmaker must be equipped to the Gunner Trigger before opening fire,[4] but since it is activated only afterwards, it is possible to set markers only on areas of interest and ignore the rest.[3] This Trigger is connected to the Operator's monitor,[4] and in fact they are the ones who decide which targets to highlight.[1] It is currently unknown if, like Lead Bullet, Starmaker can also be used by Snipers.


See also: Starmaker Users

There are only 3 known users of this Trigger:[7] Kōtarō Suwa,[8] Daichi Tsutsumi[9] and Seiji Marui.[10]


  • All known users of this Trigger are Gunners.[7]



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