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The world of World Trigger is full of terms that are vital in understanding the basic plot.

Errant Nation: A planetary nation that doesn't follow a fixed orbit.

Neighbor: Inhabitants of the Neighborhood.

Neighborhood: The other dimension where Neighbors come from.

Operator: The person who watches and advises combatants on their team during battle.

Planetary Nation: A nation that is run on a single planet. 

Rank Battles: Mock battles between Border combatants to earn points and increase their ranking.

Side Effect: Abilities arising from high trion levels. Merely extensions of human abilities.

Trigger: A technology that runs on trion.

Trion: The special form of energy found in every human and used to power Triggers.

Trion Soldier: Drones powered by trion, typically used for attacking, scouting, and kidnapping, among other uses.

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