The Organon User
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The Organon User

Oruganon no Tsukaite
Airdate (Japan) May 2, 2015
Season 1
Episode 28
Adapted chapter(s) 61-63
Arc Large-Scale Invasion Arc
Opening Ashita no Hikari
Ending N/A
Triggers Speiraskia, Raygust (Blade Mode)
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The Organon User (星の杖(オルガノン)使(つか)() Oruganon no Tsukaite? ) is episode 28 of the World Trigger anime.

Short SummaryEdit

Lamvanein is defeated by the joint efforts of A-Class and B-Class agents, while Enedra infiltrates Border's Headquarters. While Reiji and Kirie's battle against Viza and Hyuse progresses, Visa sends Neighbors to the Urban Zone, forcing Kirie to go after them, as Reiji said that's the direction of Kyōsuke's house. Alone against the two humanoid Neighbors, Reiji is quickly outmatched by Visa, who activates his trigger Organon, one of Aftokrator's natural treasures. Hyuse and Viza then go after the C-Class trainees, but are interrupted by Yūichi Jin and Yūma Kuga.

Long SummaryEdit

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Yōsuke Yoneya
  2. Lamvanein
  3. Haruaki Azuma
  4. Shun Midorikawa
  5. Kōhei Izumi
  6. Mira
  7. Masafumi Shinoda
  8. Kyōko Sawamura
  9. Eizō Netsuki
  10. Motokichi Kinuta
  11. Tatsuya Kuruma
  12. Tetsuji Arafune
  13. Yūichi Jin
  14. Yūma Kuga
  15. Replica
  16. Shiori Usami
  17. Viza
  18. Kirie Konami
  19. C-Class Agents
  20. Bamster
  21. Kyōsuke Karasuma
  22. Osamu Mikumo
  23. Reiji Kizaki
  24. Hyuse
  25. Enedra
  26. Masamune Kido
  27. Chika Amatori
  28. Izuho Natsume
  29. Izuho's cat
  30. Hairein
  31. Operators
  32. Rabbit (flashback)
  33. Yōtarō Rindō
  34. Raijinmaru
  35. New 3 Idiots
  36. Rabbit

Triggers in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Gen'yō Kogetsu (Yoneya's)
  2. Chelidon (Lamvanein's)
  3. Speiraskia (Mira's) (debut)
  4. Ibis (Azuma's)
  5. Bagworm (Azuma's)
  6. Bagworm (Arafune's)
  7. Yūma's Trigger
  8. Organon (Viza's)
  9. Meteora (Shooter, Kirie's)
  10. Sōgetsu (Kirie's)
  11. Lampyris (Hyuse's)
  12. Vorvoros (Enedra's)
  13. Hound (Gunner, Reiji's)
  14. Spider (Reiji's)
  15. Meteora (Shooter, Reiji's)
  16. Raygust (Reiji's, flashback)
  17. Raygust (Blade mode, Reiji's) (debut)
  18. Thruster (Reiji's)
  19. Connector (Konami's)
  20. Sōgetsu (Axe form, Konami's)

Adapted FromEdit

Differences Between the Anime and MangaEdit

  • The battle between Kirie and the Neighbors sent by Visa is only shown in a later point in the manga, while in this episode she is seen battling a Rabbit with S.



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