In the end, I managed to stop 4 people, huh? I hope I did what I had to at least...

Wen Sō after being defeated, in Galopoula 9.[1]

Wen Sō (ウェン・ソー Wen Sō? ) is an agent from Galopoula sent to Mikado City.


Wen Sō is a woman with wavy light-colored hair styled in a ponytail, with her front hair parted to the right, and longer locks on the sides of her face.


She is generally quiet, but she can be quite condescending to her opponents, calling Nasu and Kumagai "little girls".[3] Regardless, she has a very strong sense of duty, characterized by her abiding hope for the mission to succeed.


  • (To Nasu and Kumagai) "Come, little girls." [3]
  • (After being defeated) "In the end, I managed to stop 4 people, huh? I hope I did what I had to at least..." [1]


  • As with the other Galopoula Expedition Force members, Wen Sō's name originates from a character from Kiteretsu Daihyakka, with some possible modifications. In her case, her name is an anagram the character Benzō Karino's name (勉三).
  • According to Volume 15, Wen Sō likes:
    • Oranges
    • Honey
    • Naps
    • Dogs


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