According to Amō, Wen is as strong as a Class A Border agent, if not stronger.[1] She managed to stall two B-Rank agents of the Nasu Unit, including the ace. Wen is adept at using deception while she fights, combining the effects of her Triggers to disorient the opponent and strike them down. She is highly mobile in combat, quickly cutting off Yūko's escape route and not needing a Shield despite facing two opponents, although she can use the Dogs as protection.


e - d - vWen Sō's Triggers

White trion Galopoula Trigger White trion

Servitora2 A Trigger that reflects the user's image, creating three-dimensional holograms.[2] Each reflection is generated by a small, floating "mirror". To prevent the opponent from seeing them, Wen Sō places them after diverting their attention, hiding them from view, for example near the ceiling. The duplicates are optical illusions, and as such possess no offensive power,[3] but are useful in disorienting the opponent, since they will be unable to discern which is the real one and where the next attack will come from. The copies possess a trion signature, which prevents an Operator from finding the real one.[4] Wen Sō is skilled in attacking multiple times without being spotted. Since the duplicates are reflections, left and right will be inverted;[5] however, Wen Sō can turn this apparent weakness to her advantage by duplicating a hologram, causing left and right to be inverted again, thus matching the user's image perfectly.[6]

Bail Out (紧急脱出 (ベイルアウト) Beiruauto; lit. meaning "Emergency Escape"): A function used to flee a battle, either after a certain amount of time[7] or when the trion body is destroyed.[8] Galopoula's version opens a Gate around the user to transport them to safety.

White trion Galopoula Trigger White trion

Decagonal Blade
Decagonal Blade A decagonal blade that appears on the back of the user's hand. Wen fights activating two of them, one for each hand.[9] They can also be hurled at the opponent and then retracted, granting the user superior range in melee.[10]

White trion Galopoula Trigger White trion

Smoke Screen
Wen Smokescreen A Trigger that, when activated, generates a smoke screen for the user to hide into.[11]

White trion Galopoula Trigger White trion

Wen disguised A Trigger that enables the user to mimic the appearance of another person[12] or of a Trion soldier.[13]

White trion Galopoula Trigger White trion

Wen Summoning When planted into a solid surface, this Trigger opens up a small portal through which a Dog comes out.[14] In general, a Galopoula soldier carries many of them.[15][14]

White trion Galopoula Trigger White trion

Wen Shield Similar to Border's own Shield, it is durable enough to resist even the slashes of Fūjin, a Black Trigger.[16]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[17] 6 9 8 9 9 2 7 7 57


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