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Yuma ring
World Trigger: Smash Borders
Smash Borders
Wārudo Torigā: Sumasshu Bōdāzu
Publisher BANDAI Namco Entertainment Inc.
Platforms Mobile Phone
Release Date
Japanese July 21, 2015

World Trigger: Smash Borders (ワールドトリガー:スマッシュ・ボーダーズ Wārudo Torigā: Sumasshu Bōdāzu? ) is a game for mobile phones. It was announced that it would be ported to the Playstation Vita.[citation needed]


World Trigger: Smash Borders is a turn-based strategy game, where players have to manage a Border HQ and the area around, and participate in missions to destroy Neighbors or battle bosses. The players can control and battle different characters from the series.

The characters are divided in 3 classes; Intellectual ( chi? ), Trick ( waza? ) and Body ( karada? ). Each class is strong against another one, in a rock-paper-scissors fashion (intellectual characters are strong against trick characters, trick characters are strong against body characters, and body characters are strong against intellectual characters). Most characters have a finishing move.

Characters by classEdit






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