Yūichi Jin (迅 遊一 Jin Yūichi? ) is the protagonist in the one-shot Talented Elite Jin.



Jin looks very much like his main series counterpart, albeit older. Also, his jacket is a darker shade of blue and has a ribbed collar, and white stripes rather than black ones; it also doesn't have the Tamakoma Branch emblem on the sleeves. His shirt has the text "2.5 Maime" and he has a light orange/golden holster rather than a dark brown one. Additionally, he wields a weapon more akin to a Katana.



  • According to Editor Hattori, the reason why Jin is the oneshot's protagonist is because Ashihara thought it would be a waste to use Osamu and Yūma in the oneshot, so he suggested using Jin instead and Hattori liked the idea.[citation needed]


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