Yūma is an upper-tier B-Rank Border agent. He was part of Calvaria's army alongside his father when he was still in the Neighborhood, and through unfortunate events he attained a Black Trigger, greatly increasing his combat abilities. As he has been fighting in the Neighbor Wars for years, he has a great amount of experience and his combat skills would put him in upper A-Rank.

In addition, he is able to remain calm and think on his feet and is a good tactician even in fierce combat. This was what allowed him to defeat the Aftokrator humanoid invader Viza, who wielded a Black Trigger and was stronger and more experienced than Yuma. He also used his quick thinking to defeat Murakami during the B-Rank Rank Battles even though Murakami already learned to counter Yūma's fighting style with his Side Effect of enhanced sleep learning.

Kazama estimated his level to be around that of a Master Class Attacker, if not higher, as soon as he joined Border.[1] Yoneya described his movements as "quiet, matter-of-fact and deadly," adding that their sole purpose is to take out the opponent as efficiently as possible.[2] This no-frills style reflects Yūma's single-mindedness in combat, which allows him to fight without emotion and makes him one of the only two people in Border not to trigger Kageura's Side Effect.[3]

Due to his years of combat experience, Yūma is adept at tactics. He can pretend to be at a disadvantage in a confrontation in order to cause his opponent to underestimate him, and thus to lower their guard while at the same time reducing the sharpness of their movements when they find themselves unable to land a decisive blow.[4] With this method, he inflicted a crushing defeat on Midorikawa, winning by 8 to 2.[5] Even in their successive matches, Midorikawa could never score more than 3 points out of 10 (9 out of 30).[6]

Thanks to his years of traveling with his father, Yūma has extensive knowledge of Neighbor planet-nations and Trion Warriors.[7]

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Yuma vs Miwa Unit

Battling Miwa Unit.

As someone who has battled from an early age, Yuma is very strong and agile despite his size, being able to fight on par with A-Rank Border agents such as Miwa Unit. His reactions are extraordinarily quick, allowing him to block Asteroid bullets at point-blank range both in his normal[8] and in his combat trion body,[9][10] a skill he displayed on multiple occasions. He can also block or dodge Eaglet and even Lightning shots,[11][12][13] or at least move out of the way enough to avoid fatal damage,[14] even if they are fired by two of the very best Snipers in Border, Azuma, and Narasaka. Combined with good spatial awareness, his fast reactions aid him in melee as well, as shown when he managed to dodge the coordinated attacks of two A-Rank agents[15] while refraining from retaliating.[16] Later on, he was able to fight off three B-Rank agents at the same time with the help of Osamu's Spider wires[17] and twice without,[18][19] although in both the latter occasions he lost an arm.


High Trion level: Yūma has a trion level higher than Osamu, making him much stronger and better with even Osamu's weak practice Trigger and his own practice Scorpion.

Yuma recovery

Yūma's trion body's recovery abilities.

Trion Body: Yūma is always in a trion body due to his real body being sealed in his ring to prevent his death. This grants Yūma enhanced physical abilities, allowing him to perform many superhuman feats. It also gives him superhuman durability, allowing him to receive most physical attacks with little to no damage, as proven when he was hit by a car and emerging nearly unscathed, with his body quickly recovering. In fact, Yūma's trion body has the unique ability to regenerate itself. In return, its durability is lower than that of ordinary trion bodies.[20] Yūma's trion body also makes it so he never needs to sleep, although he still needs to eat and breathe.

Side EffectEdit

Yuma Lie Detector

Seeing through Midorikawa's lies.

Lie Detector: After receiving a Black Trigger from his father, Yūma also gained his father's Side Effect of being able to distinguish lies from truth. It is not limited to lies alone, as it can also recognize omissions of detail[21] and half-truths.[22] It activates automatically when someone Yūma is looking at lies.[23] When he uses this ability, his pupils become black.[23] Apparently, Yūma can see through even Replica's lies, shown when he says it's uncommon for Replica to lie after he asks how Osamu and Chika are and Replica says there's no need to worry. However, Yūma's pupils don't become black, so it's possible he simply can tell when Replica is lying.[24]


Yūma Kuga's Triggers
Type: Black trion Black Yūgo's Black Trigger

The trigger Yūma gained from his father to prevent Yūma's death at the cost of his own life. When activated, it transforms into a fullbody armor, which covers his entire body except his head. Replica often aids Yūma with attacking, as he can merge with the armor. It also conjures seals for Yūma to use.

Type: White trion Normal Scorpion
Yuma Scorpion C-Class
Classification: AT Attacker
The trigger Yūma chose to use when he became an official Border member. It was created by Yūichi Jin. It can change shape, and usually takes the form of a short sword.

Type: White trion Normal Grasshopper
Yuma Grasshopper
Classification: Optional
Yūma uses this Trigger to make great leaps in battle. He was mentored on how to use this Trigger by Midorikawa.

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Shield (Yūma)
Classification: Optional
Border's defense trigger that enables the User to create a barrier that can block opponent's attacks. He was first seen using it in Chapter 89 (Episode 40 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Yūma (Bagworm)
Classification: Optional
Border's optional trigger that renders the User invisible to Radar. He was first seen using it in Chapter 89 (Episode 40 in the anime).

Type: White trion Normal Raygust
Yuma Raygust

Yūma uses Osamu's Raygust to battle the Mole Mods invading their school in order to avoid being identified as a Neighbor by Border.

Type: White trion Normal Unknown
Yuma Unknown Trigger

An unknown Trigger Yūma used during his time in the Neighborhood.

Anime Only
Type: White trion Normal Chameleon
Yuma Chika Chameleon

After Gieve captures Osamu, Yūma and Chika use Chameleon to infiltrate his hideout unnoticed. It is only used in episode 58.


Normal TriggerEdit

Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[25] 7 9 8 10 8 2 5 4 53


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