Well, well... This is why I just can't get enough of fighting.

Viza, in Miwa Unit 3.[1]

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Yuma ring
Yūma Kuga vs. Viza
Organon's Power
Yūma Kuga vs. Viza
Location Danger Zone
Outcome Yūma gets Viza to retreat
Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Combat body destroyed
  • Combat body destroyed
Arc Large-Scale Invasion Arc
Previous Border vs. Hairein and Mira
Next Tamakoma Second vs. Yoshizato Unit vs. Mamiya Unit
Simultaneous Aftokrator's Invasion
Yūichi Jin vs. Hyuse
Osamu Mikumo and Shūji Miwa vs. Hairein and Mira
Chapter(s) 63 - 79
Episode(s) 28 - 34
Image Gallery

Yūma Kuga vs. Viza is a fight between Yūma Kuga and Viza.




After defeating Viza, Yūma goes after Hairein and Mira to save Osamu.[2]



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Black Trigger Capture Arc
Border Enlistment Arc Border Member Official Enlistment Day
Large-Scale Invasion Arc Aftokrator's Invasion
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