{{Infobox character |Romaji = Yotsuya

|image =



|kanji = 四ツ谷 |gender = Male |Age = 15 |Species = Human |Hair Color = Brown |Eye Color = Black |Status = Alive |Manga = Chapter 1 |Anime = Episode 1 |Voice Jap = Ryōhei Arai |Voice Eng = Matt Edworthy }} Yotsuya (四ツ谷(よつや)? ) is a character in the anime and manga series World Trigger. He's one of Osamu and Yūma's classmates.


Yotsuya is a teenage boy of average height. He has neck-length brown hair with long bangs framing the sides of his face. He also has black eyes. He is usually seen wearing his school's uniform, a dark blue blazer and dark blue necktie with white stripes over a white polo and gray-blue pants.


Yotsuya is a calm and level-headed boy who doesn't talk much. He is annoyed by Miyoshi's obsession with Border.




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