Ema is an excellent Sniper despite his age, as befits a member of a former A-Rank unit. Although he often goofs off during training,[1] he has the highest individual score among middle school agents.[2] Narasaka holds his skills in high regard.[3] His mentor was Mirai Hatohara,[4] and he possibly received further instructions from Isami Tōma,[4] which would make him the disciple of two of Border's finest Snipers. His accuracy is so high he can draw a star by shooting at an immobile target.[5] He is also adept at supporting his teammates and at estimating the defensive abilities of his target and selecting the most suited Trigger.[2]


Yuzuru Ema's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Ema Bagworm
An Optional Trigger that prevents Ema's position from appearing on Radar.

Type: White trion Normal Eaglet
Eaglet (Ema)
Ema is a skilled Eaglet user. He is so accurate he can draw a star by shooting multiple times at a target.[5]

Type: White trion Normal Ibis
Ema Ibis
Ema uses Ibis against opponents who are able to block Eaglet with a focused Shield, breaking through it.[2] He can land a hit even against highly skilled opponents from a frontal position, despite Ibis's slow bullet speed.[6]

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Shield (Ema)
A default Trigger that erects a mobile barrier in a position chosen by the user. Due to the large gap in trion capacity, Ema's Shield was unable to repel Ninomiya's Asteroid despite the latter not using Full Attack.[7]


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[8] 6 8 6 5 10 9 2 1 47


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